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WiN Newsletter Issue 17 July 2016

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Please find -with some delay- the latest newsletter of WiN IAEA. Please note Eva's call for candidates to serve the WiN Executive board of the IAEA WiN chapter for the new term.

WiN Europe is with France

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ENC 2016

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The European Forum to discuss Nuclear Science & Technology Issues, Opportunities & Challenges 9 - 13 October 2016, Warsaw, Poland

Young Generation Career Advisory Service

The European Nuclear Conference (ENC) is THE bi-annual get-together of nuclear professionals from all over Europe and the world and ENC 2016 will offer a range of attractive opportunities for young professionals.

Career Advice

You are wondering how to build a long and successful career in the industry? On Sunday 9 October Senior professionals will be there to advise young nuclear professionals, during one-on-one discussions. They will help identifying opportunities, maximise qualifications and talents, build experience, and avoid the pitfalls that young nuclear professionals might encounter along the way. more

Send your CV now !

Deadline : 29 July 2016.

For more information contact the ENC 2016 Conference Secretariat.


ENC 2016 Conference Secretariat

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

WiN Global is calling for 2016 WiN Award and Honorary Award nominations until 15th June

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Dear WiNners,
Nominations are invited for candidates for the 2016 WiN Award and the WiN Honorary Award.
As a reminder, the WiN Global Position Paper for the WiN Award states that:

To be considered as a viable candidate, a nominee must have demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following areas:

Communications by communicating clearly and without bias about the many applications of nuclear and radiation related technologies

Education by working with students, teachers and school programs

Leadership by upholding the WiN goals and growing the WiN organization

Mentoring by supporting students, new employees and others seeking professional growth in nuclear and radiation related technologies

WiN members and non-members who meet the above criteria are eligible to be nominated. The President, Executive and Board members are not eligible for nomination until they have completed their terms of service.

The Paper defines the principle of the WiN Honorary Award as:

To honour a person dedicated to WiN development in finance or other remarkable contributions.

It is open to men, organizations or WiN members. It is not necessarily an annual award. The President and WiN Executive members are not eligible for nomination until they have completed their terms of service. The recommendation procedure and time schedule is the same as those for the WiN Award.

If you wish to nominate a candidate for either the WiN Award or the WiN Honorary Award please complete the nomination form(s)  below and  email to Gabrielle Flannery, WiN Global Administrator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   to arrive no later than June 15th. The nominees will be voted on by members of the WiN Global Executive and  Board on June 25th and the winner will be announced at the General Assembly being held in Abu Dhabi in November.  Please note that these timings are for the 2016 awards only and will revert next year.

WiN Award Form and WiN Honorary Award Form

With best regards,

Se-Moon Park
President WiN Global

WNE awards

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The informations on the WNE awards including WiN Global and Fem'Energia awards are now displayed on WNE website:

The call for candidates for the 2016 Fem'Energia award is now opened

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Since 2009, EDF, WiN (Women in Nuclear) France and WiN Europe have been working closely together to organise a special award, the "Fem'Energia Award", which aims to recognize the exceptional contribution made by female students and professional women to nuclear activities in France and Europe.

If you are a young woman student, in France, in a high-school or an university, or a woman working in the nuclear sector in the European Union and Switzerland, apply for the Fem'energia Awards 2015.

The deadline for applying is April 20th

To apply:

WiN France website:

WiN IAEA newsletter

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Last 2015 WiN IAEA newsletter has been published, reflecting a very busy year for this WiN Chapter who hosted the 2015 WiN Global Conference.

Read more:

WiN-Bulgaria collected 617 signatures under the declaration for the Earth climate...

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The WiN-Global Annual Conference approved a Declaration on the climate changes and in support of the peaceful use of nuclear science technologies, as well as recognition of the the crucial role of nuclear energy in preserving the earth for future generations.

The Declaration forms part of the contribution of women professionals to the global initiative 'Nuclear for Climate', launched in 2014.

Members of WiN -Bulgaria collected 617 signatures of people who strongly agree that nuclear energy plays a key role in the success of the fight to preserve and protect the climate of our planet Earth.

Read more:

WiN IAEA newsletter special issue

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WiN IAEA organized with the suppot of IAEA the WiN Global Annual Conference in Vienna.

A special issue of the WiN IAEA newsletter has be published.

This issue brings together testimonies of participants of all ages and coming from all over the World. Special emphasis is put on the thinking of young women. This number gives an important place to the declaration on climate adopted at the general meeting.

Read more: 

2015 Fem'Energia award

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Philippe SASSEIGNE (EDF/DPN) and Sophie LEMAIRE (Westinghouse) with the laureates

The 2015 fem'Energia award ceremony took place on the 15 of October :

  • the first prize : Mariana ASINARI (MOTT MC DONALD)
  • the second prize : Heather HALE (EDF Energy)
  • the third prize : Maria FLORESCU (RATEN CITON)

On this occasion, a round table was organized on « Nuclear for Climate ».

The participants were Cécile Laugier (Director of SEPTEN - EDF), Malgorzata Tkatchenko (CEA, Scientific Director), Valérie Faudon (Delegate General SFEN) and Dominique Mouillot (Président WiN France). They had the opportunity to emphazise the interest of women on the climate change and the fact that nuclear is part of the solution as stated in the declaration for climate signed by WiN Global members.

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