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WiN Europe General Assembly 2014 in International Atomic Energy Agency

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WiN Europe 2014 General Assembly

The Win Europe General Assembly 2014 was held on October 10 in Vienna, hosted by WiN IAEA. Discussed were the activities and success stories achieved since its launching in October 2010 as a registered non-governmental organisation.

Two new chapters (WiN Poland and WiN UK) have joined the 11 founding chapters. Despite the financial constraints, WiN Europe has been represented and active at international conferences - among others the IAEA General Conference, PIME conferences – meeting womens, organizing workshops.
The Chapters reported on their activities :
  • Actions toward young people (learn about nuclear and jobs in the nuclear sector)
  • Help unemployed women in cooperation with state hold bodies to find a job in nuclear sector
  • Conferences for the public (including presentation of the movie “Pandora’s promise”)
  • Participation in public debates
  • For Winners: Training, visits and conferences
  • Joined meetings: ex: Sweden and Germany, Switzerland, France, IAEA.
Ms. D. Mouillot was confirmed to serve a further year as president, both vice – presidents (G. Voigt and C. Bucur) will provide services until August 2015, when the next elections will take place.

WiN Europe at the 58th IAEA General Conference

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WiNners in Action at the WiN booth

The 58th General Conference of the IAEA was held from 22 to 26 September 2014. Again WiN Europeas NGO was invited and hosted a stand between the B an A tower.

The stand was (wo)manned by WiN IAEA members who volunteered to provide information to interested GC delegates and also staff about the activities of WiN Global, WiN Europe and WiN IAEA during lunch and coffee breaks.

WiN IAEA will host the 23rd WiN Global Conference from 24th to 28th of August 2015

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This was the occasion to highlight the fact that WiN IAEA will host the 23rd WiN Global conference in Vienna.

WiN IAEA will host the 23rd WiN Global Conference from 24th to 28th of August 2015.

This was the occasion to highlight the fact that WiN IAEA will host the 23rd WiN Global conference in Vienna.


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Donations for Mizia

Following a large-scale catastrophic flooding of the town of Mizia, WiN-Bulgaria was among the first to join the collecting of donations to assist the affected population. The town of Mizia is situated close to Kozloduy NPP, within about 20-km distance. The initiative started on the 4th of August and our Kozloduy members were the first to respond. The cash they collected was donated to the Mizia municipality. The Sofia and the Belene sections of the organisation followed suit. Further aid contributed consisted of foods, clothing, etc. materials and products.

WiN-Bulgaria initiated and held an enlarged meeting of representatives of the two associations: Women in Nuclear - Bulgaria, and Veterans in Nuclear - Bulgaria, and the Bulgarian Nuclear Society to consider further distress recovery actions. The current situation in Mizia was discussed as well as the organising of participation in activities to mitigate the disastrous consequences.

A decision was taken to initiate a long-term campaign:


Places were identified where cash collection boxes can be allocated. By 28 August the sum of BGN1542 was collected, which has been spent specifically for the needs of the distressed.

WiN-Bulgaria extends its sincere thanks to all who have made donations for Mizia!


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Kozloduy NPP – 40 years of clean energy

Kozloduy NPP celebrated its 40th anniversary with a special ceremony. The plant was commissioned on 4th September 1974 and it marked the beginning of the use of nuclear energy in Bulgaria. WiN –Bulgaria was among the organizations which received high awards for the WiNners’ professional contribution, excellent partnership and support for the development of nuclear energy throughout all these years. Mr. Ivan Genov – Kozloduy NPP CEO presented WiN- Bulgaria with a Certificate and a Plaque - "Kozloduy NPP – 40 years of clean energy". We can all be proud today with this historical achievement and this high appreciation of our activity.

The application to the 2015 PIME award is opened

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Every year, during the PIME (Public Materials Information Exchange) conference, a flagship event organised by the European Nuclear Society (ENS), the PIME Award for Communications Excellence is presented to the creator of what is judged to be the most effective, results-oriented communications campaign launched recently in the nuclear sector. 


Fem'Energia award

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Fem'Energia 2014 Award contest is opened

The results of the 2014 Fem'Energia award will be announced on November the 6th.

Fem'Energia Award 2014 dead line: 30 June

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After Sara Tania Mongelli (2012) and Dorina Zotica (2013) who will be the 2014 winner?

Dead line to apply (link to the application dossier) 30th June.

WiN Europe supports the award dedicated to a woman working on the nuclear sector in the European Union or in Switzerland.


Fem'Energia 2014 Award contest is opened

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Fem'Energia 2014 Award contest is opened

The Fem'Energia Award have been created six years ago jointly by EDF and WiN France to encourage and support women who are involved or want to involve themselves in the nuclear sector.. Candidates may apply to different categories going from bachelors up to professional women. Considering that this kind of action is deeply corresponding to one of its objectives, WiN Europe support this award. One category is decicated to Women working in the nuclear sector in Europe.

The deadline is 30th of June.

To apply please fulfill refer to the application dossier:

22nd WiN Global Annual Conference (WiN 2014)

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Registrations now open for WiN2014: 20-24 October 2014 Dockside in Sydney, Australia!

Registrations have opened for the 2014 WiN Global Annual Conference to be held from the 20th-24th of October 2014 at Dockside, on the Balcony Level of Cockle Bay Wharf, located on the CBD side of Darling Harbour in Sydney Australia.

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