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News from Romania: seminar dedicated to Medical applications

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altWIN Romania aims at playing an active role in the accurate dissemination of information regarding nuclear power. With this purpose, WIN Cernavoda NPP branch organized a seminar dedicated to the medical applications of nuclear power, hosted in Constanta, on the 7th of December 2012. 

To learn more:

WiN Europe at ENC Manchester

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The European Nuclear Society organizes every 2 years a major nuclear conference called ENC (European Nuclear Conference). The 2012 edition took place in Manchester between the 9th and the 12th of December. WiN Europe was highly involved in the preparation as a member of the programme committee. This conference was also an opportunity to strengthen our links with the European Young Generation Network (ENS-YG) as we co-organized 2 workshops.


Holidays Greetings

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Jutta Jené elected as new President of WiN Germany

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After four years, the foundation president of WiN Germany Beate Scheffler stepped down and the presidency turned over to Jutta Jené. Jutta was unanimously elected as president by the General Assembly of WiN Germany on November, 9th, 2012.

Jutta Jené has been working at the Biblis Nuclear Power Plant since 1990. She is married with one son.

Since the foundation of WiN Germany, Jutta is engaged in the board. As head of the Communications working group and spokesperson of WiN Germany she continuously advanced the internal and external communication.

Beate Scheffler stays in the board with responsiblity for networking and international relationships.

The new President of WiN Germany Jutta Jené (left) and the former one Beate Scheffler

Sara Tania Mongelli received the 2012 Fem’Energia Award

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altSara Tania has won the 2012 Fem’Energia award in the working Woman category. She is a member of Women in Nuclear Switzerland.

She is Italian and lives and works in Switzerland. She is within the fuel department of Axpo AG, responsible for the manufacturing and delivery of the transport and storage casks required to return the high level wastes from the reprocessing of Beznau and Leibstadt spent fuel.

Two know more about Sara Tania and her commitment to nuclear see:

4th FEM’ENERGIA AWARD: Women of Talent in Nuclear - 2012

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altFor the 4th year, the Fem’Energia Award featured young women and women who promote gender development in their commitment for the nuclear sector.

Women in Nuclear (WiN) Europe, WiN France and EDF are convinced that the nuclear jobs are often seen as “men’s job”. The nuclear field would benefit by welcoming more women in its sector.

Since 2009, the Fem’Energia Award promote the place of women in the nuclear field. Among the award categories, one is dedicated to Women Working in Europe:

  • 1st Prize
    Sara Tania MONGELLI
    Axpo AG (Switzerland)
    Position : Projet Manager – Nuclear Fuel Department
  • 2nd Prize
    Sellafield Ltd. (United Kingdom)
    Position : Chemical Engineer –Magnox Fuel Drying Project
  • 3rd Prize
    Joëlle VALLORY
    CCFE (United Kingdom)
    Position: Mechanical Engineer – Central Engineering Department

To know more about Fem’Energia award:

WiN France General Assembly - 2012

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After WiN Languedoc-Roussillon in 2011 in Marcoule, the WiN France 2012 General Assembly was organized in Fontenay aux Roses CEA Centre ( by WiN Ile de France (September, the 26th).

More than 50 members attended the meeting and participated to the conferences and technical tour in the afternoon. They were welcomed by Malgorzata Tkatchenko who is the head of the CEA Fontenay aux roses.

To know more about WiN France General Assembly:

WiN Azerbaijan cooperation with WiN Europe

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Azerbaijani scientist, Dinara Abbasova met with Dominique Mouillot, President of Win Europe and the director of the Centre for Research and Restoration of the world-famous Louvre Museum Ms. Maria-Felomena.

The goal of the meeting was to conduct joint scientific researches on studying cultural heritage monuments of Azerbaijan by means of nuclear technology were discussed within the frame of the visit.

Let's note that, D.Abbasova is the official representative of Azerbaijan in the Worldwide WIN (Women in Nuclear) Association.

Read more:

Save the date and register ! ENC and ENC Career Event!

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Win Europe would like to invite highly skilled young professionals, considering a career in the nuclear sector to the ENC 2012 Career Event. The ENC 2012 Career event “Create your energy future” will take place in the framework of ENC 2012 in Manchester, on 9 & 10 December 2012 in cooperation with ENS, ENS-YG, the NI and WiN Europe!

WiN Europe members will provide career advices, CV check workshop and women testimonies.

Make sure you are a part of it! 

Register now by sending your CV in the Europass-Format to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


WiN presents at IYNC!

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Several members of WiN Europe and WiN Global will attend to the International Youth Nuclear Congress that will take place in Charlotte, USA between the 6th and the 10th of August.

WiN Europe will manage the workshop "Women Going Critical in Nuclear". With 50 participants expected, The "Women Going Critical in Nuclear" Workshop will focus on providing young women in nuclear with expert pieces of advice from experienced women leaders.  Each speaker will be asked to share their one, personal "golden rule" about being a woman, and building a career in nuclear.  It may be a lesson learned, important experience, or critical part of the speaker's daily routine.  This "golden rule" will be used to spark discussion on career ambitions, leadership experiences, and life/work balance.

The speakers are:
Carol Barajas (USA), Coleeen Sidford (Canada), Cristina Bucur (Romania), Rosa Yang (USA /Taiwan), Keiko Chitose (Japan / USA), Margaret Mkhosi (South Africa)

The International Youth Nuclear Congress was formed in 1997 by an international group of young nuclear professionals. They believed that young generation organizations around the world could be more effective in the communication and transfer of knowledge regarding all peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology if their efforts were integrated globally; thus, providing a platform for sharing ideas, transferring knowledge and creating an international think tank. After successful congresses in Slovakia (2000), South Korea (2002), Canada (2004), Sweden and Finland (2006), Switzerland (2008) and South Africa (2010), we expect over 600 young professionals from six continents to attend IYNC2012. This edition of the conference is a joint organization between IYNC and the North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN).

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